The Artist

Photo by Ian Murray

About the Artist


Art. The word evokes different images to different eyes. Some see classic framed oil portraits of historical figures in museums. Others see still life paintings, sculptures, and vases. Still others picture modern art installations with subtle (and not-so-subtle) messages. Me? I see life. Inspiration is everywhere. I am an artist. What does that mean? It means seeing faces in the trees and rocks, it means feeling my heart swell when creating something. It means having so many ideas that I would need to stop time to make them all a reality. An artist is not just what I am. It is who I am.

I get inspiration from everywhere, but the mountains and the woods have always felt like home. The wilds are a sanctuary where my mind and imagination can run free. Little things are always catching my eye and getting the gears turning toward my next project. A beehive in a tree, a tree hanging over the path with a mushroom growing under it, a hollow with a spiderweb in it. These things set my mind on fire and inspire me to create.

People. I love to draw eyes, faces, figures, some of them made up some not, copying photographs, over and over. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. People fascinate me. They were my focus all through college and beyond, when I continued with commissioned portraits. I’m moving in the direction of my original work now, as it allows me more creative freedom.

My family is very important to my creative process. My parents are both very creative artists in the own right and have been a great inspiration to me. Their adventures in art have taught me to think outside the box and pursue for my dreams. My husband is my rock keeping my life balanced. His imagination and creativity helps inform my art.