Over the Mountains for the Moon


It’s all about the journey

My name is Monique Miller – McCarthy


I’m a 29 year old artist and nature enthusiast. I grew up in a creative atmosphere with two very talented parents and an adventure seeking brother in the middle of the woods of Scituate and a farm in Marshfield, MA. My family has always spent a great deal of time outside, hiking, camping, rock climbing, painting, and enjoying water activities.

When I was ten years old my mom began a foundation at our farm called the Magical Moon Foundation. It was to help children with cancer and other life threatening conditions to stay strong. At the time she was unable to do many things herself that she loved to do, like painting and gardening due to a muscle disease, cancer and chronic pain.

In a way, I became her legs and arms and she became my inspiration. My mom has always said, “ It’s all about the journey. Challenges become our invitation to learn insightfulness and ultimately it shows us the path we’re meant to be on.” Her’s had been teaching children how to survive cancer through her art, then her writing and now by example as a survivor…

Since I was young I’ve listened, observed and worked along side my mom with children who have overwhelming challenges in their lives.

This has taught me to never take anything for granted and always search deep inside for my inner truths. I’ve watched children beat all the odds, rise above impossible obstacles and never, ever give up even when things seemed hopeless.

I’ve been in awe of their resilience and strength and many times wondered if I would ever be able to be that kind of warrior. It’s made me think deeply about my own path and all my blessings.

It is for this reason that I’m setting out on a 2,200 mile journey with my husband, Kris on the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine on foot. I want to write and illustrate a book about a calling each of us has to listen to our own brave heart.

I’m embarking on this trip in honor of all the children I’ve known over the years through the Magical Moon programs.

I’m walking this trail in loving memory of 19 year old Alison the Awesome who was an artist just like me, and for all our young warriors living moment to moment in Grace.



Please consider walking a spirit mile with me with a pledge in honor of someone you know or remember with cancer?

My goal is to raise 50 thousand dollars to help build The Magical Moon Farm Educational, Survival Center for Children, in Marshfield MA

Make checks payable to The Magical Moon Foundation

575 Summer Street, Marshfield MA, 02066 or call 800-840-0205. Donations of $100 or more will receive a free T-shirt. Please let us know that the donation is towards Monique’s AT Journey and which T-shirt and size you would like. Men’s and Woman’s sizes are Sm, Med, Lg, & X-Lg.




I will be keeping a blog along my trip with pictures and videos from my trip.